We're people-centered storytellers that provide a 360° brand experience

Create growth and impact for positive, people-centered brands that make the world a better place: that's what we do at HLO Branding. Using creative storytelling, we motivate and inspire brands to find, tell, and share their unique stories of purpose. Through a 360° brand experience, we help them create real connections with people. But what makes us tick? And what can you expect when working with us?

Turning people into fans

We turn people into fans. Why? Because we know that's the key to brand success. And we want the companies we work with to succeed. When a client tells us our efforts have borne fruit (for example, in the form of new requests, purchases, or employees), it boosts our spirits. We thrive on our clients' wins—and that is why we want them to be our fans, too.

To us, it's all about human relationships, stories, and creativity. We're in it for the long haul. If you decide to work with us, we'll go on a journey with you. We will build a relationship of trust and have fun along the way. And the results will speak for themselves.

Telling unique stories that inspire your target audience

People are at the center of a successful brand strategy. Only genuine human connections will ultimately result in the success you seek. And these are forged through unique stories.

We won't make your brand story up, as it's already there. Instead, we'll join forces with you to unearth, shape, and refine it in a creative way — until we have a coherent story that evokes emotions and inspires your target audience.

Curious to know how we get there? We adopt a holistic 360° approach. It's crucial to reach people at all stages of the customer journey and make sure they can identify with your brand. So we devise a strategy to constantly communicate your story, albeit in different ways. We also extract brand pillars from your brand story that help connect it to your product or service.

The results: you’ll put your brand on the map and create commitment — which is the number-one trait of a fan

Roadmap and on-point creative concepts

Many marketing teams struggle to determine what content they should share next. We provide a solution to this problem: together with our clients, we create a roadmap that contains a strategy for the coming years, based on their unique brand story and organizational goals. Consider it a business bible that provides guidance on all efforts meant to promote your brand in a creative, original way so you'll stand out from the competition.

Time and again, our clients tell us this roadmap gives them breathing room and allows them to set up marketing campaigns that pertain to their brand strategy. They like that we can help them in all respects. Once we've devised your story and strategy, we can help you translate them into a creative, original, visual concept.

We develop and interconnect business, brand, and marketing strategies using beautiful on-point creative concepts, designs, and (moving) content — with a hands-on, innovative, positive growth mindset. That is how we create a 360° brand experience.


Our packaging design has been nominated three times for the Dutch packaging awards. We won in 2018 & 2019 and we got nominated in 2020. If you like some glitter and glamor, the award ceremony is always a party!

This is how we rock


With adaptable strategies and designs we can create sustainable growth for brands, that will suit the continuous changes in market trends.


Aiming for the stars is our daily nature, and having fun along the way is a must. Our positive ‘get it done’ attitude is how we approach questions and challenges.


We become part of your team, and you a part of ours. Together we’ll dive deep into your business, reveal its true heart, and translate this into an awesome brand.

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