Junis Childcare

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Junis Childcare is a trusted parenting partner for families. So what makes it unique? In our online strategy sessions we helped Junis to define their true identity.

the need

Junis childcare operates in a very competitive market, so they needed to stand out and clearly express what they are about as a brand!

our challenge

How do we assemble 18 people together from across the company during corona? 

the outcome

Through a series of online story sessions spread over four days we were able to develop a clear narrative which could be then captured in an on-brand video.

A feel-good brand communication that resulted in fulfilment and high performance

It was all about finding out who we really are and then spreading the word.
- junis
a people-based brand

Building the brand through its team-members’ stories

What better way to learn about a business than to ask its employees? Junis employees from across its structure were encouraged to share their personal stories, happy moments, and the things that make them proud.

Collecting the words that mean the most

While we were collecting the stories, it was clear that many people had the same emotions. By extracting the most relevant words we moved closer to identifying the company’s core principles.

In our online brand sessions we needed to define the true meaning of each word and to understand why it represents Junis

Fresh morning sessions
workshop hours
preparing the team

We sent a goodie box to each team member to prepare for the sessions… Let’s get the party started

…and provided an introduction to some online tools and inspiringtalks

Simon Sinek:
How great leaders inspire action

It can be a bit weird meeting through virtual sessions. With this in mind we prepared an onboarding session which helped everybody to quickly connect and participate in the program!


Connecting the team through a bigger vision took away their concerns and helped hem to understand what their brand is about even more!

With our excellent resources for collaborating online we were able to create a true human contact with the Junis team – even in a virtual meeting.

a true team effort

The team’s great engagement lead to valuable results

With the Junis employees’ amazing stories as a foundation, we were able to provide them with the necessary resources and to guide them through the process of creating a true brand story.

Through our sessions we were able to curate one unified Brand story. We translated that story into a script and storyboard, and directed their story into an engaging 90-second brand video.

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