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Customer experience

Influencing the experience customers have with your brand can increase customer loyalty and revenue.

Customer experience is everything your customer experiences that has to do with your brand. Every step counts; them finding you after a Google-search, buying the product and even the recommendation they give to their friends after they love your product (Hotjar, 2021). Customer experience is becoming more and more important. Customers used to have limited options and information. Now with the internet and ever quickening delivery times, customers can fins all the information and products they could ever want and have it delivered the next day. Logically, they have become more critical (Bordeaux, 2021).

3 ways to get your customer’s perspective

Understanding customer experience and how to improve it for your brand, a good way to start is by getting your customer’s perspective. You might see things differently when you see things from their point of view. We’ve listed 3 ways to help you understand your customers on a deeper level.

What a good customer experience can do for your brand

A positive customer experience is essential nowadays. But how essential is it really? Well, research shows that 1 in 3 customers will leave a brands that they love after just one bad experience (MacDonald, 2021). So even if customers are a huge fan of your brand, bad customer experience can ruin it for them. This has to do with emotions. Customers love brands because of they story they tell and how that story appeals to their emotions. But this also works the other way around, if a brand gives them a negative emotion, the love could just as easily be gone.

Improving has more benefits than just keeping your customers. 84% of companies report that improving customer experience made their revenue increase (Wirth, 2021). This is because of the fact that most people are willing to pay more for better customer experience, even if the product is exactly the same (MacDonald, 2021).

Influencing the experience

Time to make the perfect customer experience, right? Not exactly. Customers experience is exactly that; the experience of the customer. Every customer is different and in the end, a lot of factors can influence the experience they have with your brand. You can, however, influence the experience to try to make it as smooth as possible. Start by mapping the customer’s journey (learn more about customer journey mapping here). By doing this, you’ll get insight in every step of the experience from the customer’s eye (Bordeaux, 2021). This makes bettering a specific step a lot easier.

Another step to take when working on your customer experience could be really listening to your customers throughout the whole process. You could do this by using surveys, reading reviews or even asking personally in stores for example (Hotjar, 2021). Lastly, consistency is key. Delivering what you promise and doing so consistently will help manage expectations. False promises always blow up in your face; promising 1 day delivery when it is actually 3 may reel in some new customers but you might have just given them the one bad experience that makes you lose them as a customer. Offering truth and transparency will help you be consistent in delivering the customer experience your customers expect.

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