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Make it easy to understand, map and target your customers by using personas.

Personas can work in your favour in massive ways. Understanding your customers and their wants and needs should have a prominent place in your process. Whether you are developing a new project, wanting to target a new group or even repositioning your whole brand.

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It may still be a little abstract so that’s why we created this free persona template. Just click the download button and start your journey to a better understanding of your customers!

Why is it important?

A persona is a representation of groups of your target audience (Davu, 2016). It’s a guide to help you work from the customers needs during the whole process. It helps you and your team focus on what the customer wants and needs and get insight in what challenges they might face. All departments of your business can benefit from a good persona. The marketing department for example has a great overview of what the customer likes, where they go and what their tone of voice is (Setapp, 2020). 

A persona looks like a cheatsheet about your customer. The design of it focusses on making clear what the most important features are in a blink of an eye. That’s why only the most important things need to be on there. Keep it simple with little text and some clarifying pictures or graphics. This makes it easy for you but also for your team to work with and use in everyday practices and decision making.

What makes a good persona?

Now that you know all the benefits of a persona, let’s look at what makes a good one. The contents of a persona differs a lot depending on the needs for one. In most personas, you’ll see some of these items

Brands they love
Goals & frustrations
A quote

Depending on what you need your persona for, you can add anything that you think is helpful and will make you understand your customer the best.

Like we talked about earlier, a persona is always based on a customer group. By defining these customer groups first, you will see that most of the time 3 or 4 of them will account for more than 90% of your customers (Campaign Creators, 2014). Knowing this, you can start to really hone in on what customers are most important to your brand and thus where your focus will be.

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