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Strategic Online Marketeer

As an Online Marketeer at HLO Branding you are the next and logical step after a branding process. You translate the brand strategy into a marketing strategy and into catchy campaigns where your focus is on conversion with the brand strategy while keeping the growth goals in mind. You already have a few years of experience in the profession and you can independently guide our customers in a marketing process. You also like to write texts that hit their target and you can express yourself creatively.

32-40 hoursBachelor degree (business economics)Online Marketeer3-5 years experienceAnalytical & commercial thinkerEnglish & Dutch
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What will you do?

As an HLO strategic online marketeer you are concerned with customer demand. You offer a strategic commercial solution and you can present it convincingly. You develop various online marketing experiences and brief the creative team on your strategic vision by translating it into a catchy campaign. You assess campaigns on effectiveness, its success and communication goal. You have a passion for writing texts. You feel at home using professional jargon and terms such as conversion, funnels, upsells, marketing automation, copywriting and online marketing.

What you’ll bring us:

You are our colleague who can convert strategic branding into targeted marketing campaigns. Here you have a strategic vision that you translate and present. You will develop a campaign together with a creative team in which you take a critical look at design and will stay focussed on strategic communication. You co-work with the customer and organize your projects yourself in terms of budget, team and timings. You are responsible for conversion, optimization of campaigns and adjust these independently after analysis.

What we offer you?

Join us in our mission to motivate and inspire companies to get the most out of their brand, make their audience fan and bring them exceptional growth through branding! In our energetic and creative environment with a talented team we all love what we do. We strive to inspire each other to get the best out of yourself and keep growing in a positive way. We believe loving what you do, having a good balance between work and your private live leads to a happy live.

💛  Inclusive and no nonsense work environment

🙌  Good working conditions

🏝  Flexible vacation policy

🥙  Healthy lunches with the team

🍻  Monthly team meetups and yearly trip

🌍  Live & work from anywhere, within -1/+1 CET

🌟  Salary fit for your role, room to grow

🚀  Possibility for personal growth and development

🐣  Parent-friendly culture

Got what it takes?

We'd love to hear from you! Let us know what role you're interested in, your motivation, CV, and a strong portfolio that demonstrates high-quality art direction and design talent across a range of branding, web design and marketing campaigns (digital and social).
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