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Premier Seafarmers by nature

A 150 years seafood brand that inspires young and old with their Brand Purpose

Family Verwijs farms the best range of fresh seafood under the brand Premier all year around! We created a 360° brand excellence with a strong base in strategy and storytelling. The Seafarmers by Nature want to leave behind a healthier sea, for all generations to keep enjoying these treasures of the sea.

360° brand excellence for Premier

As a family business that’s been around for over 150 years there is a strong legacy and purpose within the company. You can feel it. But can you tell it? And how do you make everyone within your growing company tell the same story and act the same way, so that internationally all your stakeholders know what your brand is about? In addition, you want your high-quality products to be sold under your own name and not be hidden by the supermarket label.

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