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Want to convey your brand's essence without having to explain it over and over again? Embrace video storytelling! Create a compelling video with HLO Branding.


Video storytelling: essential to your brand toolkit

Do you have a story to tell, but do you sometimes find it difficult to bring it to a bigger audience? Do you want to convey your brand's essence without having to explain it over and over again? Move your target audience profoundly? Tell your brand story with moving images rather than words?

Video storytelling is your go-to solution! It helps you convey a message and share your story in a powerful, clear, and concise way. Both customers and employees will understand who you are and what you'd like to tell them in a trice. Moreover, a storytelling video is a one-time investment that pays off in the long term: your sales and marketing team can use (parts of) it whenever they see fit — whether it's for a brief social media post or an elaborate brand campaign.

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Video storytelling in a nutshell: motion evokes emotion

Once you've unearthed your brand story, it's time to convey it. A variety of marketing efforts can help you do so. One powerful tool that should be part of your storytelling toolkit is a striking brand video, as motion is the easiest way to evoke emotion. You don't have to use a cascade of words to explain your brand's essence. A video will do the job for you — whenever and wherever you prefer.

HLO Branding's customers use video storytelling in a variety of ways — for example, during the onboarding process of new employees. Rather than handing them a stack of paperwork, you can show them a video in which you explain the procedure, show them the workplace, and have the CEO share the company's values. They'll instantly feel connected with their new employer (which is great for employer branding purposes).

Of course, you can shoot a storytelling video for many other reasons. Once you've created it, you can use it time and again — especially if you've worked with HLO Branding. We’ll make sure your video fits your brand and makes viewers feel that intended emotion!

Our 5-step approach

Create a storytelling video that moves your audience

Want to tell a story that pertains to your brand and moves people? If you join forces with HLO Branding, we'll go from an idea to a powerful brand storytelling asset in five steps.

What should your storytelling video be about? How long do you want it to be? Based on your answers to these questions, we will provide you with advice and write a compelling script. You'll get a chance to review and accept it before we move on to step 2.

Now, it's time to sketch every frame. We will incorporate the associated lines from the script into each frame so you can envision the video.

We'll dive into the production details to make sure we can seamlessly shoot the video. During this step, we will scout locations, create call sheets, cast models, pick outfits, and determine the shooting schedule.

Time to shoot your video! We’ll work on professional sets with expert crews. Usually, a crew will shoot approximately two hours before moving on to the next set. There will also be a styling team to ensure that both the sets and the models look the way we’ve envisioned. Furthermore, a photographer will capture commercial images as our crew do their jobs. You can use the brand images for a variety of marketing purposes in your campaigning, in your advertisements, on your website, or even in your packaging. Each of these will be aligned with (and therefore support) the video you’ve created.

We will edit your video and make sure the best moments find their way into the final product. At this stage, we'll also add sound effects and voice-overs (if applicable).

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