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Want to create and share content that accurately reflects your brand? Opt for content production that makes you stand out. Join forces with HLO Branding.


Stand out with on-brand content

Do you want to publish content that goes beyond a great image and effectively supports your brand? Would you like all your imagery and copy to convey the same spot-on message that reflects your brand personality? Should your target audience recognize your brand in every picture, video, and post you share?

Opt for content production that results in unique content which is tailored to your brand. It will make you stand out from the crowd! The power of tailored content should not be underestimated. If, for example, your content is drawn from a stock photo website and the competition uses the exact same images, you can't build a brand. You need your own unique images and copy, which should form a whole. After all, images are the eye-catchers that entice people to read what you've written — especially in this day and age.

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Reach your audience with tailored content production

After creating a brand strategy, a marketing strategy, and a brand identity, you'll define a brand concept — and perhaps you'll develop a website, too. The next step is on-brand content production, which consists of both images and copy. You'll have to create a complete framework to communicate your brand and ensure your target audience recognizes it at a glance — anytime, anywhere.

If you work with us, we'll organize your content production from A to Z, consistently ensuring on-brand content — from copywriting to imagery. We will pick a copywriter who's a perfect fit for your brand and discuss your vision with them. Furthermore, we’ll create imagery that pertains to your brand. Everything is possible in that respect — from animated branding and video storytelling to tailored branding photography.

The point is to create relevant copy and an image library which you can draw from. By presenting your content to the world in a holistic way, you'll make it yours, and people will increasingly connect your photography and writing style to your brand.

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Prefer to brainstorm your options? Schedule an introductory meeting so we can unearth your needs and determine if it is time to get your ‘content production ball’ rolling!

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Our approach

Your content production process with HLO Branding

We've already defined your brand, goals, target audience, and marketing and communications channels at an earlier stage. As a result, we can now fully focus on content production.

Our first step in the content production process is to create an on-brand framework, including elements we'll use for each piece of content. 
Subsequently, we'll flesh out the content you need and create a production schedule. Our copywriter will tackle the copy you require. Additionally, it might be necessary to schedule a photoshoot, cast models, create illustrations, or shoot a video (animated or otherwise).

There are multiple ways to go about content production. It can be as comprehensive as you want it to be. If desired, we'll create branded content for your website, social media channels, or packaging. Just keep in mind that the goal is to produce content that accurately reflects your brand!

We also ensure you can use your content as widely as possible. How? By aligning it with the medium involved in terms of format, application, and message.

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