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Brand identity

Do you want people to grasp your brand's essence? Join forces with HLO Branding to create a brand identity that helps you distinguish yourself in your market.


Visualize your brand's essence

Do you want people to grasp your brand's essence at first glance? And would you like to visually distinguish yourself in your market?

Then it's crucial to create a brand identity and make sure it's fully aligned with who you are! A strong brand identity always emerges from your brand concept and brand story. Once you've defined these, it's time to develop a visual identity that conveys your philosophy, appeals to your target audience, and helps you stand out from the competition. But how to go about it?

For our client Premier, we created an eye-catching and unique brand identity.
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Define your brand identity: start from strategy

Some companies believe it's enough to put their logo on everything and share a few impressive visuals. But an effective brand identity comprises a lot more than that. It requires you to translate your essence into a creative concept, which serves as the foundation for growing your brand.

Therefore, it's paramount that you start by creating your brand concept, which makes for designs and copy that aptly convey who you are.

At HLO Branding, your brand identity is part of a 360-degree storytelling approach that aims to put your brand on the map in unforgettable ways. If you work with us, we will first create your brand strategy, brand concept, and brand story. Then, we’ll use these to create a unique identity for your brand. If desired, we can also provide brand photography, which means we will create customized, brand-specific visual materials that stand out and which your target audience will recognize.

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Our approach

How to develop a brand identity

After developing your brand concept, strategy, and story, we retreat into our office and get to work. First, we devise a creative brief, exploring various ideas. Our internal creative expert then puts together mood boards, collaborating with our art director and designer (among others) to create a few potential concepts for your brand. We look at them very critically and continue to refine them until we're left with two or three concepts that perfectly fit your brand.

These are the concepts we share with you. During our presentation, we explain how we've translated your essence into a creative brand identity. The latter may consist of various elements — such as a logo, fonts, and icons — that breathe life into your brand. Customers always recognize themselves in the brand identities we've created, as these are based on their brand stories!

Once you've picked a concept, we can create a range of things you need to build your brand. Examples include website development and a brand book including brand guidelines. You can also opt for a toolkit which contains all elements pertaining to your brand identity, thus helping your marketing team go full steam ahead.

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