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Want to create a brand activation strategy to reach your target audience and get your core message across with every campaign? Work with HLO Branding.


Stay relevant, recognizable, and original

Do you have a great product or service? Have you identified your target audience and do you have a geographic target market in mind? But do you need guidance on preserving your core message across your marketing efforts?

Let a brand activation strategy lead you! Armed with an umbrella concept, you'll create original campaigns, each of which will be clearly connected to your brand. Your audience will recognize your company time and again, yet never get bored. Implemented correctly, brand activation will ensure your brand stays relevant and one of a kind!

Take action

What is brand activation and how can you use it?

Once you've created your brand strategy, brand identity, and marketing strategy and produced content, it's time to make your brand recognizable to your target audience. They should get to know your company and the product or service you want to promote. That's where brand activation comes in.

When working with HLO Branding, we'll have a close look at your goals so we can determine your best road forward. You might want to set up a campaign, a content calendar, a shop floor promotion (including banners and stickers), or a contest. Our efforts may be online, offline, or both — in fact, a combination can be incredibly powerful.

The point is, we'll come up with a way to activate people so they'll take the desired action!

Our approach

Developing a brand activation strategy that works

When our clients want to promote their products and services and they deem brand activation important, we go through a four-step process with them. Let's dive into these steps so you know what to expect from a collaboration with us!

Before we get started, we should discuss the goal you have in mind and the result you want to achieve. If you haven't done so already, we'll set up a marketing strategy. This will allow you to define your organizational objectives and annual goals.

During this step, we will create a strategic and creative umbrella concept. We'll have a look at your overall communications. With every decision we make, we will consider your brand pillars so we can get your audience to engage with your brand.

What types of campaigns pertain to your umbrella concept? What do you want to achieve with each campaign? What is the core message you want to convey? How often will we set up a campaign? What's your budget? During this step, we'll flesh out the answers to such questions.

Time to create content! Now that we've fleshed out everything, it's time to implement your campaigns from A to Z. Depending on your needs and budget, you can outsource (part of) this step to us.

Get started right away!

Prefer to brainstorm your options? Schedule an introductory meeting so we can unearth your needs and determine your brand activation strategy.

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