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Want to set up a brand-focused marketing strategy that effectively promotes your products and services and pays off in the long term? Work with HLO Branding!


Promote your product or service through a brand-focused approach

Would you like to steer clear of being a prize fighter? Do you want to avoid ad-hoc marketing efforts that aren't part of a broader strategy?

A brand-focused marketing strategy helps promote products and services in an effective way! If it's aimed at putting your brand on the map, leads will familiarize themselves with your company and are more likely to turn into customers or even fans. The key is to create inspiring, creative content that conveys your brand story and triggers and inspires people to buy your product or service.

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Reach your target audience with a marketing strategy that's built around your brand

What is the purpose of marketing? What's your budget? What message do you want to convey, and how will you do that consistently? What are the best channels for you to communicate?

A marketing strategy is a long-term framework that requires some thought. It's crucial to set clear KPIs from the get-go. That is why we always start with a baseline measurement to determine where you are, what you want to achieve, and which resources you'll require. Additionally, we clearly define your target audience, so we can focus on your ideal customer.

We also discuss how you can best use your digital channels, what an effective content calendar might look like, and when you want to run certain marketing campaigns.

Often, our clients like to set up a marketing strategy after we've developed a brand strategy with them. It makes sense, because the most effective marketing strategies are built around brands (rather than products or services). If you prefer to solely work with us on your marketing strategy, we'll perform a brand scan to make sure we can build it around your brand.

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Attract and retain customers by being authentic

All companies want to build marketing strategies to promote their products or services. But few realize they'll only achieve their marketing goals if they manage to attract and retain customers. If you're able to create a strategy that turns customers into fans, it will pay off in the long term.

At HLO Branding, we help you create a marketing strategy that is tailored to your brand. We ensure every marketing effort is authentic and resonates with your target audience. That means we go beyond a product- or service-based campaign so customers will stick around. How do we go about it?

During a kick-starter session, we create a canvas. Together, we determine your KPIs, perform a baseline measurement, describe your brand, define your target audience, and discuss your market.

After that, we suggest a campaign setup. Once you've approved it, we get to work to implement it. To help you create top-notch content in a consistent way, we build templates and compose an online toolkit which you can easily access at any time.

Finally, we make sure you can measure the results. After all, it's important to regularly check if your marketing efforts are paying off.

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