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Brand story

Want customers and employees to connect with your brand at a glance? Let HLO Branding help you unearth your brand story and convey it in an inspiring way.


Put your company on the map with an inspiring narrative

Do you want potential and existing customers to recognize your brand at a glance — anytime, anywhere? Would you like to attract talent that connects with your brand and is a perfect fit for your company?

The key is to convey your brand story in a consistent, inspiring way! But telling brand stories is easier said than done. Many companies revert to generic terms and product lingo. Of course you provide quality, and your customer service is top-notch. Yet, those USPs bear no emotional value. They don't make up a story.

On top of that, it's difficult to be consistent when communicating your brand story. The problem is, your target audience needs to hear the same narrative every time — that's an essential part of setting up your brand. And when they do, it's paramount that the story moves them.

For our client Premier we created a brand story that inspires both young and old.
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Create a brand story that evokes the right emotions

What makes your company different? What triggers will help people identify with you? The answers to such questions form the foundation for your brand story.

If you decide to work with HLO Branding, it’s important to know we won't make up your brand story. It's already there. What we will do is join forces with you to unearth and shape it. We'll add emotional value and create a solid brand story that will be leading in all your marketing and sales efforts: it can help you position your brand and put your company on the map.

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Our approach

Brand storytelling that works

Developing a brand story may be part of a broader process in which you define your brand strategy. But it's also possible to solely focus on your brand story. In that case, we recommend that you involve your people so you'll create support from the get-go.

Together, we will embark on a journey to unearth your story. We’ll use our very own brand card system, which combines visual and textual elements that help define what drives people to work at your company. Every card enables them to share their story with the group. We'll ask additional questions to understand each story's impact until we get to what's at the core of your company. All these individual stories will ultimately allow us to identify your company's DNA (your beating heart) and the overarching brand story.

Additionally, we use Simon Sinek's method to distill your 'why,' 'how,' and 'what.' During the sessions we organize, we'll jointly discover your brand pillars, values, and purpose.

But ultimately, it's all about your brand story. Once we've put it on paper, you can use it as a foundation for all your marketing and sales efforts. To visualize your story, we can help you shoot a brand video, which will strongly enhance the emotional component of your story — after all, that's what visuals do.

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