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Customers versus fans: what can brand ambassadors do for you?

Those who want to build a brand know they need fans. But what is it that sets a fan apart from a customer and makes them such an asset to your brand strategy?

Briefly put, a fan is a brand ambassador that goes to great lengths to promote your brand — not because you've hired them to do so, but because they want to! And fans are not looking for the best bargain. They're loyal supporters of your brand to whom price isn't the decisive factor.

Why you need fans: less marketing efforts and the much-coveted snowball effect

Customers that need a new product usually explore the market thoroughly. They read reviews, juxtapose several companies, and compare prices. Fans? Not so much. They already know and trust your brand. You're their go-to solution provider. So when they need an item you offer, they'll automatically opt for you.

But it doesn't stop there. You'll also benefit from a snowball effect. If you keep in touch with your fans and nurture their enthusiasm, they will promote your brand on social media and within their networks. They will acquire new fans for you. That means your marketing department doesn't have to adopt a product- or price-focused strategy. It can focus on maintaining a good relationship with your expanding fanbase.

After all, you've gained a position in your competitive landscape that doesn't rely on a single product or price. You've distinguished yourself with your brand story and brand design and have therefore forged lasting relationships with loyal fans!

With a complete rebranding, made fans that promote them daily on social media – because they want to!

Loyalty first: how to turn customers into fans

Today, competition is fierce, and everyone is fighting to bring in new customers. So, you need to stand out. How to go about it, though?

The only thing that really makes you unique is your story. This is not some tale you come up with. It's already there. But if you unearth your brand story and convey it in such a way that it moves customers, they'll turn into fans who will stick with you in the long run.

The secret weapon? Creativity, which helps put your brand on the map and leave an indelible impact. You will have to consider all aspects: the content, the visual concept, colors, fonts, tone of voice, and style. And it's paramount that you take the entire customer journey into account, so your brand will attract attention at every stage.

At HLO Branding, we firmly believe in this 360-degree approach, as it yields results time and again. If you join forces with us, we'll also take your organizational goals into account — and we prefer to combine brand storytelling with your business strategy and marketing strategy. Because ultimately, each effective and solid story is part of an overarching whole.

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