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Need a compelling video your target audience will never forget? Let HLO Branding help you with animated branding to effortlessly explain complex matters.


Create a video your target audience won't forget

Do you want to explain intricate concepts in a trice? Reach a large target audience in a powerful, concise way? Convey your brand story and values through moving graphics?

Embrace animated branding and create a compelling, fun, or explanatory video your target audience will never forget! Animation comes with several significant benefits. For example, animated videos can effectively put a brand on the map. They help customers and staff to familiarize themselves with a company's story within a minute or so. And after creating the video, you can re-use it as often as you want. It's also possible to post part of the video on your website or social media channels so as to promote your brand. The sky is the limit!

Take action

Build your brand with an animated video: get your audience on board

Animation is your go-to solution in many different cases. For example, if you want to explain a new product or a different way of working, it's important to get your customers on board. Internally, animation can also be of great value. Whenever you hire a new employee, you want them to understand the onboarding process as quickly as possible. And if you implement an important change, you need your staff to embrace it.

The high-quality, engaging, entertaining videos we create effortlessly explain complex matters. And if you work with HLO Branding Agency, an animated video is also a cost-effective tool. While video storytelling usually comprises an elaborate and therefore expensive process, an animated video is relatively affordable.

So, let’s join forces! Together, we’ll create an animated video in your brand style or develop an animated brand identity that perfectly fits your brand. It will be recognizable and visible. And you can use it in a variety of ways.

Our approach

Animation in 6 clear steps

Want to build a brand that customers and employees recognize from afar? Then you need at least one great animated video. If you work with us, we'll go from a blank canvas to a powerful marketing or HR tool in six steps.

What should your video be about? How long do you want it to be? During a phone or Zoom interview, we will ask you such questions. Based on your answers, we’ll write an engaging script. You'll get a chance to review and accept it before we move on to the next step.

During this step, we will sketch every frame, including the associated lines from the script in each frame. That way, we'll provide a clear picture of the animated video we will create.

If you opt for branded animation (which we recommend — as a branding agency, we know how powerful it is!), we'll analyze your brand and translate it into colors, fonts, customized and original images, and a style that viewers will recognize and associate with your company and brand. (Here’s how we developed a branded animation style for Heineken!)

Now, it's time for our illustrator(s) to fill the gaps by drawing each frame by hand. The resulting artwork forms the foundation for the final two steps.

If you've opted for a voice-over, one or several voice actors will get to work. You can participate in the process: the session will be led by a creative producer who will allow you to provide feedback on pronunciation and intonation, among other things. Most clients find the voice-over session very valuable.

Our animator will use the framework, artwork, and voice-over to create your animated video. To top things off, we'll add music and sound effects. Then, you're good to go!

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Prefer to brainstorm some ideas? Schedule an introductory meeting so we can unearth your needs and discuss potential animated videos.

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