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Want to put your brand on the map so top talent will choose you over others? Build your employer brand with the experts at HLO Branding.


Have top talent opt for you

Would you like to attract talent that fits your company and helps take it to the next level? Do you want them to know why they should opt for you right away?

Embrace employer branding and put your brand on the map!
If you clearly communicate your values and vision, the people you're looking for will find you at some point during the candidate journey. And you'll give them a solid reason to choose you over other employers.

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Attract your ideal candidate: build your employer brand

What does your company stand for? What is your brand personality? Who is your ideal candidate, what kind of personality do they have, and how can you attract them?

If you work with us, these questions will be central throughout the employer branding process. We will focus on making your company accessible to the talent you seek and attract the talent that is a perfect match for your company and team. How? By conveying your brand story, your values, and what it is that makes you tick.

In doing so, we'll hit two birds with one stone. Not only does employer branding help you find new top-notch employees, but it will also ensure your current staff feels more connected with the company. That means they'll turn into ambassadors that are happy to promote their employer in their networks — a benefit that is likely to bear fruit in the long term.

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Our approach

Interweaving your brand into every step of the candidate journey

Why should a candidate work at your company? What's the added value? What can they expect?

The employee value proposition is at the core of our approach, which is practical and straightforward. During four sessions, we'll focus on everything that matters to your employer branding strategy: your brand story and personality, your values, the market, trends, and, of course, your perfect candidate.

We will start by sketching an overarching picture, after which we'll gradually zoom in on the details. We'll map out the candidate journey, interweaving your brand into the various stages a potential employee goes through.

Once we're done brainstorming, we'll devise a one-page blueprint that contains the essential elements of your employer branding strategy. In addition, you'll receive a more elaborate document that explains the nuts and bolts of it.

If you want to create a separate recruitment website, we offer website development that focuses on providing a brand experience. Perhaps you also wish to develop a brand campaign to attract the attention of the talent you seek. In both cases, it’s important to produce content that will appeal to your ideal candidate. You might, for example, use video storytelling to reflect your company’s beating heart and personality. A video also allows you to give a taste of the atmosphere by having your employees share what it's like to work at your company. Furthermore, we can help you shoot an employer branding video — a powerful tool that aptly explains what candidates can expect from the job.

Keep in mind the onboarding process of new employees starts the moment you set out to find them. That’s a factor we consider in our journey.

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