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Video editor/animator

Hey post-production hero!

Are you a student with the ability to tell brand stories in an impressive and extraordinary way with images, graphics, music and sound?

Because, we are looking for a talented intern video editor/animator who wants to use his or her skills broadly and contribute to the creation of eye-catching videos of HLO Branding Agency and the amazing brands we work with (Heineken, Driscoll's and and many others).

As an intern video editor/animator, you will be an important part of our post-production team, creating videos that stand out for their originality and quality. By paying attention to story, emotion, rhythm and pace, you and our creative producer or director will ensure that the brand story is conveyed effectively and engagingly.

At HLO Branding Agency, we create films with a deep-seated passion for storytelling. Storytelling is a powerful communication tool to convey emotions and thoughts that resonate with the target audience. It is all about establishing a connection with the audience through the synergy of images, sounds, graphics, music and grading. A good story sticks with the viewer just like most interns at HLO Branding Agency.

Video student6 monthsAdobe PremierEnglish & Dutch
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"You Talkin' to Me?"

Are you a creative mind who is already quite at home in Adobe Premiere, passionately explains 180-degrees rule at birthdays and is already familiar with the name Walter Murch? Do you have a passion for movies, love to share new ideas and have basic knowledge of After Effects? Then you might be our ideal intern video editor/animator!

“May the Force be with you.”

You will become a part of our studio team, not only editing footage but also being involved in its creation from concept, shooting to delivering the final product. Work side by side with experienced professionals who are passionate about telling visually compelling stories. Develop a keen eye for finding the right imagery. Don't just learn to cut and paste, explore the world of animation, graphics, music or sound to bring stories to life.

“We are going to make an offer you can’t refuse”…

An internship that will not only sharpen your skills, but also give you the opportunity to grow in your own way, within a creative and supportive environment. You will also get the opportunity from us to build your personal showreel with leading brands during your internship period at HLO Branding Agency.

💛  Inclusive and no nonsense work environment

🙌  Good working conditions

🏝  Flexible vacation policy

🥙  Healthy lunches with the team

🍻  Cozy get-togethers

🌍  Working in the heart of The Hague, close to the beach

🌟  Internship compensation

🚀  Opportunity for personal growth and development

🐣  Do you shine during your internship? Then you have a chance for a permanent job!

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About HLO Branding Agency

We’re a people agency. HLO Branding Agency was founded in early 2011 by two friends. Today we’re a great diverse and international crew of storytellers, strategists and creatives. We’re about authenticity and optimism and proud to represent the 0.1% of creative agencies that are run by women. We encourage talented people to add their own personal spice to our creative mix. For our diverse national and international clients we aim to add true value and leave a smile on their face. Day by day. 

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