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What is employer branding?

Should all your future employees be a perfect fit for your company? And do you want current employees to feel so connected to the organization that they live, breathe, and propagate the company culture?

Then you're probably aware that employer branding is important to your recruitment and communication strategy. But what is employer branding? And how to implement a successful employer branding strategy?

Good employer branding is about people: the key to (brand) success

A brand strategy and brand identity help you stand out in the market. That is why you create a strong brand story, which you communicate consistently to (potential) customers. But did you know that this story is also at the heart of employer branding?

Employees are the key to brand success. They talk to your customers, provide new ideas, and implement projects. And you want to retain talent, especially in the current labor market. That's why you should constantly work to keep your employees engaged, productive, and happy.

If they radiate that they've really found their feet, it will positively impact brand success among customers. But potential new employees will notice it, too. They'll instantly see if they identify with your organizational values and goals. And those who do will consider your company a great place to work. So if you have a rock-solid employer branding strategy (including an employer value proposition that conveys what you stand for as an employer), you'll attract those job seekers who are a perfect fit for your organization and can contribute to its success.

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Who are you as an employer? Build an employer brand from within!

The success of an employer branding strategy depends on how well you've defined the heart of your brand. If you're thoroughly aware of your 'why,' vision, values, and brand personality, you've laid a strong foundation for a good employer brand.

After all, employer brand communication starts with your story and brand DNA. Have you created a company culture in which a healthy work-life balance is paramount? Do your employees get the opportunity to share their ideas? Do you help them get the most out of themselves? These are the kinds of things they share at (birthday) parties and through social media.

So if you go about employer branding the right way, you can also reach potential employees through your current employees. Your people convey what you stand for. As a result, you'll attract the best potential candidates — individuals who believe in your goals and go the extra mile because they're convinced that you're the ideal employer.

Briefly put, by building your employer brand from within, you'll hit two birds with one stone: you will achieve internal and external success.

Attracting the best potential employees: how to communicate a strong employer brand?


A striking careers page that properly reflects your employer brand

You only have one opportunity to make a first impression. And that moment will be etched on people's memories. So make sure your careers page properly reflects what makes your company special and what it's like to work for you. You might want to use video storytelling or animated branding to convey this visually.


Vacancies that attract top-quality applicants

Potential employees want to know what you can offer them as an employer — at all levels. So a short list of employment conditions won't suffice. You should provide insight into your brand story, your long-term goals, and the opportunities you offer to current employees. An employer branding video can contribute significantly to attracting the right people, and they are more likely to apply because of the visual element.


Brand-focused onboarding process for new employees

New employees should understand your story, vision, and values right away. Through a brand-focused onboarding process, they'll learn to speak your organization's language fast and convey an unambiguous message to customers.

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