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Employer branding

Improving your employer branding by listening to your employees to keep them happy and your brand thriving.

An employer brand is essentially the interpretation of your brand that lives in the heads of your (potential) employees (Lybrand, 2018). Naturally, employer branding is the process of influencing this interpretation (BuiltIn, z.d.). The goal is to make the idea of your brand as positive as possible in the minds of your employees. Different aspects have an impact on this idea such as outward communication and onboarding processes. But make sure not to forget that a big part is beyond your control.

3 ways to improve your employer brand

Now that you know what your employer brand is and have gotten to know a few ways to improve it, we would love to share some more things that can help your employer brand. Using these tips have an impact on your current employees as well as on potential employees. We’ve included some examples of how we implement the tips in our office!

Why you should work on employer branding?

To begin, 95% of job seekers say the employer’s reputation has an impact on their decision (O’Donnell, 2018). Evidently, your employer brand is of great importance. To have a positive employer brand means your team will not only have the best people for the job, it also means the people have a positive idea about your brand. And satisfied employees can spread the message, especially now with social media, which may result in new employees or even new business leads (Lybrand, 2018).

What aspects can make an impact?

There are some more obvious things that may impact the employer brand such as outward communications like your website. Some are less obvious though. Think of your careers page, your online reviews, job descriptions, the onboarding process and the way you present yourself on social media (BuiltIn, z.d.). That last one is interesting. Not only do people use social media to tell others about your brand, 7 out of 10 people between 18 and 34 have found their last job through social media (Slater, 2021).

Take a look at all these aspects and how they might influence your (future) employees. You could even ask your employees or send out a survey. This way you’ll get direct input on what you could be doing better. To create a strategy to better your employer branding, you can even ask your employees to work with you to create a strong employer value proposition. This is a way to map the mission, values and culture of your brand and to strengthen the connection your employees have with those things (Lybrand, 2018). 

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